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Our disclaimer notice is stated below.

Please read till the end.

Due to a high internet usage of websites and blog, we are hereby declaring a non party to Google or its products, even though we are displaying ads of advertisements using our space.

For the sake of our readers, please do not misunderstand any of our operations as related to any sponsored or influenced post, we are strictly personal individual property based in Nigeria and We publish our own content. No promotions.

Our Google policy on the contents of the theearthpulse.com however reads below.

We publish only the verifiable news and latest educational updates in Nigeria as we correspondence also to it for completeness and accuracy.

We don’t publish any pornography or spam letters.

Our medical experts in the health industry write for us and prepare good information based on expert medical experience for the enlightenment of our loyal readers around Nigeria and the world.


On no account justifiable should any misguided information be linked to theearthpulse.com when not originally published on this website or having no official press release from our publisher’s department.

Every information on our website theearthpulse.com is subject to a final verification by all users to disregard using our publication as their final judgement but make efforts to vet out information before use.

We are happy to have you here once again.

Enjoy your stay.