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You Can Chat As Long As You Want With Snapchat My Al

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You Can Chat As Long As You Want With Snapchat My Al

Snapchat, one of the most popular platforms of social media, offers its users the privilege of introducing artificial intelligence with the innovations it has implemented. The My Get feature, adapted to Snapchat, which serves as a photo and video sharing platform, was highly appreciated by users. Sahne Medya has compiled for you the curious things about My Al…

What is Get My Snapchat?

My Al, the chatbot that makes the Snapchat application more enjoyable, allows users to view each other’s photos and videos throughout the day. Thanks to this feature, users become aware of meeting their friends with instant visuals of their daily lives. In My Al, which strengthens the social interaction character of the application, users have the opportunity to view and comment on their friends’ posts or share these contents in their stories. Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, My Al also provides additional Snapchat-specific security enhancements and controls. Now users can talk as they wish or have fun with My Al Snapchat.

How to Delete a Chat?

Those who have experienced communication with the artificial intelligence robot My Al are wondering how to delete their messages. To do this, first access the ‘privacy controls’ section from the settings. In the second step, when you tap on the ‘clear data’ option, you will have to select the ‘Clear My Al data’ option and confirm it.

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