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Whatsapp View Once Feature

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New Feature from WhatsApp

Photos That Can Be Viewed Once

The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has now activated a new feature it has recently tested and inspired by Snapchat for all its users. Although this feature, which allows us to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once, seems to add color to the WhatsApp experience, it is worrying that there is no precaution against screen capture yet. The editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in the digital world, have prepared it for you…

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, announced in a statement on its official website that users can now send photos and videos that can be viewed once.

The feature, which was recently tested in beta version, became active for all users after the last trials. We can now take precautions to ensure that the images we send remain in the other party's gallery. Similar features were available in applications such as SnapChat, Instagram and Telegram. Now WhatsApp has also joined this caravan.

This situation, which sounds like fun, actually brings with it some risks. Because there is no mechanism to prevent the taking of screenshots of sent images with sensitive or private content. Moreover, there is no notification when the other party takes a screenshot. It is useful to act knowing that we are at risk when using this feature.

How to Use the Feature?

We enter a chat and then click on the send a photo or video section, just like before. Afterwards, we select the image we will send and then touch the new button labeled “1”, which has been added to the right of the section where we can write messages. The application sends us a warning message that this image can only be viewed once. After you confirm this warning, you send visual content that the other party can only see once. To be informed about innovations, Sahne Medya blog page keep following.

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05-08-2021 09:41:48

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