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Whatsapp Protects User Information | Adana Stage Media

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Two New Features from WhatsApp...

WhatsApp, which recently decided to take legal steps against those responsible for situations such as sending automatic messages and disturbing other users, will both protect user information and make the application more effective with its new decisions.

With the update released by WhatsApp through the TestFlight program for the iOS application, the application version was upgraded to While two new features came to the application with the new update, one feature was also removed. With the new update, WhatsApp has canceled the feature of saving other users' profile photos to devices due to the privacy of personal data. Thus, at some point, users were prevented from sharing their photos with people they did not want.


Another feature introduced to WhatsApp was mass photo sending. With the new update, when you take a group photo, you can see how many photos are in the album and the total file size of the album. This feature is of great importance, especially for mobile data users. Another innovation brought by WhatsApp was in the audio file format. Opus, which WhatsApp uses as a voice message format, is not supported by most applications. With the new update, WhatsApp solved the problem by exporting Opus files in M4A (AAC codec) format.

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