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WhatsApp Postponed User Agreement for 3 Months

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WhatsApp Postponed the User Agreement for 3 Months, Here Are Alternative Applications!

In the announcement made by WhatsApp, it was underlined that WhatsApp messaging is end-to-end encrypted and that the things to be shared with friends and families will remain among themselves. In the statement, it was stated that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook could see the messages, and that the contacts would not be shared with Facebook.

Those who are looking for a new messaging application despite WhatsApp's sharing can see alternative applications and their advantages in the rest of our news. Here are alternative messaging applications to WhatsApp:

Applications That Can Be Used Instead of WhatsApp


The number of users of Telegram, developed by Russian engineers, increased by approximately 40 million in the last week in Turkey. Telegram, which allows voice/video calls as well as messaging, can be used on both mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. Telegram, which provides security with the MTProto protocol, has end-to-end encryption feature.


It is an encrypted and open-source messaging application that came to the fore after being recommended by Tesla's inventor Elon Musk. Voice and video calls can be made on Signal, where all messages are end-to-end encrypted. Signal, which has many features such as encrypted correspondence, automatically deleted messages and hidden keyboard mode, can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.


It is a local and national application developed by Turkcell's Turkish engineers. BIP, which allows group voice and video calls as well as messaging, can be used on Mac and Windows-based computers as well as all operators.


Offering voice and video calling features, Viber can also be used on computers. Viber also allows you to create groups for up to 250 people.


It is a messaging application developed by Japanese engineers. Line features free text and voice messaging, voice calling and group chat features. This application, which works on phones with Android and iOS infrastructure, can also be used on computers.


The iMessage application, developed by US technology giant Apple for its devices, offers features such as group messaging, location sharing and message effects. This application, which supports end-to-end encryption, can be used simultaneously on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

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