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Whatsapp, Multi-Device Support in Turkey

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WhatsApp's Multi-Device Support Available in Turkey

WhatsApp, the most used online instant messaging application worldwide, announced to users that a new feature has been developed to improve user experience. WhatsApp’s multi-device feature is finally offered to users in Turkey. This feature, which has been welcomed with excitement and appreciation, will allow you to access the WhatsApp application on other devices, even if your phone does not have an internet connection. Sahne Media editors have prepared it for you.

WhatsApp, which created concerns about the privacy of personal data in the past period and caused great reactions from many people, had to take a step back. He quickly began to develop innovations to eliminate the negative impression he created. Following voice message transcription, multi-device support has also taken its place among the innovations that WhatsApp has brought to our lives. Turkey is among the countries where the feature, which is still being tested in beta phase, is tested. In this way, WhatsApp users in Turkey will now be able to use the application without an internet connection on their phones.

It is not necessary to have an Internet connection on the phone

Currently, WhatsApp users could access WhatsApp through the web browser as well as the phone. But in order to do this, the phone also had to be connected to the internet. With the new multi-device support feature, WhatsApp can be used from other devices even when there is no internet on your phone.

Devices Must Be Connected to a Single Phone

This feature can only be used on one phone and coordinates other devices through this phone. Apart from this, the connection of the devices becomes ineffective if not used for 14 days. To continue to be informed about the innovations and catch up with the day with Sahne Media our blog page you can follow.

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17-09-2021 15:38:57

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