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Whatsapp Continues to Update Itself

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Changes to WhatsApp Last Seen Feature

Popular messaging application WhatsApp continues to update itself. Aiming to provide a better experience to their users, application developers are preparing to introduce new features regarding profile photo, last seen and status update. The editors of Sahne Medya, your digital advertising agency and SEO consultant that keeps the pulse of the digital world, have prepared it for you.

WhatsApp announced that it will make some changes to the last seen feature with its new version. WhatsApp, which aims to bring new regulations to privacy settings, is preparing to make them available in beta form on iOS and Android operating systems.

We will now be able to use the “last seen” feature in four different ways in the WhatsApp application, which is actively used by more than 1.6 billion people all over the world. So what exactly are these innovations?

Freedom to Blacklist

The last seen feature can be used with the options “Everyone”, “Nobody”, “My Contacts” and “Except My Contacts”. People you add to your blacklist will not be able to view your last seen time and date. Indeed, the last seen feature created a great dilemma for people. This feature, which provided convenience in situations where we needed to communicate urgently, also exposed us to people whose messages we would not want to see at that moment. But with these options, it seems that it will make our job much easier if the people we want can see our last seen time and the people we don’t want can’t.

However, another innovation waiting for us is that we will be able to prepare a blacklist for profile photos, status updates and “about” sections. In this way, we will be able to hide our status updates and profile photos from people we do not want to see.

WABetainfo shared some images of the latest version of WhatsApp. While the appearance of privacy settings for IOS is revealed in the published images, it remains unclear when these features will be activated for Android users.

Last Day: November 1

Last week, WhatsApp announced that no new updates would be prepared for old Android and IOS models after November 1, and therefore WhatsApp could no longer be used on these old devices. According to this statement, it will no longer be possible to use WhatsApp on many phones.

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