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Whatsapp Business Announces Its New Feature

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A Feature That Provides Convenience to Businesses from WhatsApp Business!

WhatsApp announced its new features that aim to make communication between buyers and sellers efficient and for sellers to reach buyers easily. The new features will provide great convenience to workplaces.

WhatsApp recently took a step back regarding the privacy agreement and announced that users who reject the agreement will not be deprived of any features of the application. However, he stated that this permission is required in order to receive personal notifications and product recommendations in your conversations with workplaces. At this point, WhatsApp has brought innovations to the WhatsApp Business interface.

Receiving Response from Workplaces Takes Minutes!

The new feature of WhatsApp Business aims to increase the efficiency of conversations between medium and large-sized businesses with their customers via WhatsApp. While companies previously sent notifications to their customers within a limited time period, they will now have a wider range of messages and will be able to inform their customers on different topics. Information about orders and stock status can also be obtained from these notifications.

The canned responses feature, which is also used by many e-commerce applications, will also be activated in WhatsApp Business. In this context, a maximum of 10 ready-made answers will be offered to users, saving them from the trouble of writing. Responses to these messages can be adjusted by businesses from their WhatsApp Business API accounts.

WhatsApp's business-focused WhatsApp Business feature is highly appreciated by businesses. Let's see if these features will be useful to cover the wounds that WhatsApp has suffered due to the contract…

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Stage Media

05-06-2021 07:13:45

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