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Twitter Introduced its Paid Membership Model

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Twitter's Paid Membership Version, Twitter Blue, was Introduced

Here are the prices and features in Türkiye!

Twitter, which has difficulty generating revenue and lags behind other social media applications, especially in advertising revenues, introduced the paid membership model. The Turkey price and features of this model, called Twitter Blue, which is put into use in some countries, are as follows…

Unable to reflect its popularity in economic returns, Twitter has finally implemented the paid membership that has been talked about for years. The model, called Twitter Blue, was offered for membership in the UK for £2.49 and in the US for $2.99. On the Türkiye page of the Apple Store, it is stated that the price of Twitter Blue in Türkiye is 30.99 lira.

Twitter's paid model will not be forced on users. Users will be able to switch to this model with extra features if they wish.

Twitter will not force this model on users. Users who wish will be able to switch to this model with some additional features. While Twitter did not make a statement about what kind of features the new model brings, it was announced in a previous statement that new features were being worked on in the context of paid membership.

Twitter had previously announced that it was working to solve the profitability problem by increasing its profit margin. While one of these efforts was a paid membership, it was claimed that another was to charge extra for TweetDeck.

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