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Swipe Up on Instagram Stories is Disappearing

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Instagram Scroll Up Becomes History

The new giant of social media, Instagram, is preparing to remove the swipe up feature to access links in the Stories section. Instead, customizable stickers will be used. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in areas such as SEO-based web design, SEO consultancy, Social Media and Google ads, has prepared it for you.

Instagram continues to renew itself every day. This new feature, which will be used by both personal users, corporate accounts and content creators, has already been appreciated. Clickable stickers, which will make it easier to direct followers to places by sharing links in stories, will begin to be used as of August 30.

The Goal is to Make the Instagram Experience Better

Following this innovation, followers will click on the sticker added to the story instead of swiping up with their fingers to access the link shared in the story. Since the swipe up feature has been in our lives for a long time, it may take some time for Instagram users to get used to this innovation. One of the reasons for this radical change is undoubtedly to allow accounts with lower followers the freedom to share links. Moreover, these stickers can be customized by the user who shares the story.

Instagram first tested the swipe up feature with a sticker on some users in June. An Instagram manager told The Verge that users can now respond to linked stories. In the previous system, any interaction was not possible because the user who scrolled up on the link was directed directly to the link. Instagram administrators have no doubt that stickers will improve the Instagram experience.

Stage Media Announced

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Stage Media

Stage Media

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