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Step-by-step guide on how to check the 2024 jamb result

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2024 jamb result

2024 Jamb UTME registration has passed and aspiring student just wrote their examination few month ago at their respective approved CBT center, computer base test  hoping to get a good grade that will guarantee or enable them to get admission into their desired institution of their choice.

In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to check 2024 Jamb results online

Table of contents/requirement

  1. Internet service
  2. Device
  3. Jamb official website
  4. Candidate profile information

Internet service –  before accessing any vital information online, internet connection  is a primary things to look out for because it include data transfer,  web hosting, email accounts and some online internet services.

Internet services make research and finding easy however  internet services is defined as the provision or accessibility of internet via internet service basically it offers different types of internet connections such as

  1. digital subscribers’ line
  2. Cables
  3. Fiber
  4. Mobile
  5. Satellite

Device – device is another tool we use in checking any information online and is a part of equipment hardware that we can feel and touch whose function is to perform a specific task allocated to it for the purpose of exchanging data or instruction. Examples of some device are laptop, smart phones, desktop, tablets and server etc.    


Jamb Official websites – is the primary registered and recognized body in Nigeria known for handling admission processes. Before getting admission to any university in Nigeria it must be process, admitted and given by jamb, any other way apart from this processes  is not advisable.

One of the role jamb play in checking of result is proper record of candidate profile information  registered on jamb official website for ease of future retrieve.    

Candidate information – candidate information as the name implies is the details information of the individual who is aspiring to gain admission into university which include his/her personal information like phone number, email, Name, reg. Number which the candidate will use to check result

How to Exactly Checked 2024 Jamb Result Online

first and foremost, go straight to the official website of jamb at www.jamb.gov.ng

logged in, scroll and locate “Check UTME Results” button.

After which input your reg number or any other information you are asked

The portal will display your UTME score for each subject tested.

For future purposes or reference, you can as well print a copy of your results and keep.

How to checked university school admission

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