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Step by Step guide on how to apply for Online Jobs

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Step by Step guide on how to apply for Online Jobs

Step by Step Guide on how to Apply for Online Jobs

Step by Step guide on how to apply for Online Jobs : In today’s fast paced world, knowing how to apply for jobs online, is a great skill on its own. Considering the economic situation of the country, working online is one of the easiest and most convenient way to work and earn money. 

With the high cost of transportation, online jobs also known as remote jobs are highly sort after by many Nigerians. However, how to apply for these online jobs can pose as a challenge for quite a number of people. So if you are looking for steps on how to apply for online jobs, then read on because in this article, we will talk about detailed steps on how to apply for online jobs. 

basics steps  to apply for online jobs in 2024

Below are the steps to take in order to apply for jobs online: 

  1. Develop and update your Curriculum Vitae: Developing your CV/Resume is the first step to take in other to apply for jobs online. The popular saying looking good is good business is also applicable to your resume/cv. In other to catch the attention of the employer, your cv has to be well polished, it is also important to high light your skills and achievements (if you have received any award or certification, do well to highlight it also). 

Your cv should be designed for the particular job you are applying for and also make sure that your cv contains your work history and contact information.  Creating/ developing your cv/resume to be impressive enough to catch the attention of the employer will help land you an interview. 

  1. Knowing the right job/company: It is important to know the kind of job that matches your skills and career goals before applying for remote jobs. In other to know the right kind of job online for you, you must do your research. Search online for jobs that fits your preferences and qualifications. 

You can search for jobs online by browsing through company websites and job boards. Knowing the right job and company can help increase your chances of finding a fulfilling career opportunity. 

  1. Create a strong online presence: it is also important to have a professional online profile. If you don’t have a profile with Linkedln, create one and make sure that it has a professional photo of you and a concise summary. It is worthy of note that some employers look at applicants’ online presence before considering them for a job. Having a strong online online presence gives employers an idea of your personality and professionality. 
  2. Visit company websites: many companies/organizations post their job vacancies on their websites first. It is important to always visit company website directly. Also visiting company’s websites helps applicants to know more about a company, its goals and values. This can help applicants understand the company’s vision. 
  3. Create a cover letter that is suitable for each application: when applying for jobs online, it is important to create a cover letter that suits the job you are applying for and highlights your skills. You might also add how you would use your knowledge and skills for the position you are applying for. Having a good cover letter that is eye catchy might land you an interview. Be sure to make sure that you use the right words in the right context when preparing your cover letter. 
  4. Make use of key words: while applying for jobs online, it is a great idea to find key words in the job descriptions for the positions you are applying for. This will help the employer go through your cv/resume easily. Make sure your CV/resume and cover letter have relevant key words. This can help applicants pass through the first stage of screening. In other to make use of the right key words, you can start by understanding the job description and highlighting the key skills and requirements listed. Then add those key words into the skills and experience section of your CV. This will show the employer that you have the necessary requirements and skills for the job.
  5. Stay organized:

It is highly advised that after applying for jobs online, applicants should stay focused and organized. Always follow up on the online jobs you have applied for and their respective deadlines. This will help you manage your application efficiently and it will also help you to avoid missing deadlines and relevant information. 

Some Benefits of online jobs 

  1.   Reduction in transportation cost
  2.   Increased personal time saving 
  3.   Convenient and flexible 
  4.   Freedom to work from any location of your choice 


Applying for jobs online is not a difficult task. With the right procedures and steps like developing your CV, using the right key words, staying organized, amongst others, you just might land your self a great job online. We hope that you have found this article helpful.


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