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Statement from Instagram Against Algorithm Allegations

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Statement from Instagram Against Algorithm Allegations

Instagram, which comes to the fore with its frequently changing algorithms, published a statement to answer the questions of users around the world. Explaining the blocks made to some accounts and the suggestions they offered to users, Instagram officials tried to resolve the question marks. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in the digital world, has compiled the latest developments on the popular social media application Instagram for you.

Many content creators complain about their posts not appearing. In his statement, company manager Adam Mosseri once again explained how the Instagram algorithm works and whether it shadowbans some content producers.

Adam Mosseri, one of the leading managers of Instagram, said that there is no single algorithm that controls which content is seen and which is not. Instead, he explained that they use different algorithms for stories, discover and reels. The most curious topic of the article was the shadow ban, which was applied without any information to the content producers.

Transparency Promise from Instagram

Adam Mosseri confirmed the shadowban application. Admitted that a user’s account or posted content was restricted or hidden without explanation or justification. However, he said that they continue their work to increase transparency on this issue. The Instagram app has been the subject of much speculation and conspiracy theories for many years. This is not the first statement the company has made regarding shadowban. They touched on this issue about 2 years ago. But their statement did not satisfy the public. It must be said that many of your followers cannot see what you share. Because people look at less than half of their feed.

However, Instagram now seems to have accepted its mistake. Mosseri’s statement includes sentences such as “if your content has become less visible, you should know about it and be able to object to it.”

Instagram, which is among the social media applications where people spend the most time after TikTok, has been under fire for a long time regarding its algorithms and the recommendations of the algorithms. There are even theories that Mark Zuckerberg wants to turn Facebook and Instagram into a kind of discovery engine, where we see what apps suggest to us rather than what the people we follow post. Still, the chronological sorting feature, which users insistently demand, continues to be implemented.

While all social media platforms aim to encourage content producers and influencers to attract them, it is a matter of curiosity what the consequences will be of Instagram offending them due to shadow ban. You can follow the blog page of Sahne Medya, Turkey’s leading digital advertising agency, to be instantly informed about the developments on social platforms.

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