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Methods to Reset Your Instagram Password | Adana Stage Media

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Have You Forgot Your Instagram Password?

How to Reset Your Instagram Password?

Instagram is perhaps one of the applications where we spend the most time during the day. We use so many passwords in daily life that it is very difficult to remember them all. Sahne Media editors have listed all the steps so you can easily reset your Instagram password.

It is extremely easy to change your password or make it stronger on Instagram, which has over a billion users worldwide. Here is the password reset guide that comes to the rescue of those who say “I Forgot My Instagram Password”:

Instagram, the popular photo and video content sharing platform, is adding thousands of new users every day. Moreover, Instagram, which has turned into a social marketing device on a global scale, is the center of attention of both small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and large brands. We need a strong password to take precautions against internet hackers who try to steal our accounts with new methods every day. Here are the details of the password reset process, which you can easily handle from your phone, tablet or computer.

Instagram Password Reset Methods

How to Reset Your Instagram Password via Smartphones?

www.instagram.com By clicking on the link, you can set a new, stronger password instead of the password you forgot.

-Open the Instagram Application installed on your phone.

-Click on your profile.

-Press the three lines in the upper right corner.

-Go to the security section from the settings tab. Turn on the password option.

-Enter your current password and then your new password.

-And then click on the blue tick icon you will see at the top right.

How to Reset Your Instagram Password from Computer?

-Enter Instagram's website

-Then log in to your own profile by clicking on your profile photo you see in the upper right corner.

-Pull the settings icon.

-After clicking the change password tab, you can complete the password changing process by entering your current password and then your new password.

What Should You Do If You Don't Remember Your Current Instagram Password?

-If you do not remember your current password, open the Instagram application.

-On the login screen, you will see the “get help logging in” tab. Click on this tab.

-Enter the phone number, e-mail address or username to which your Instagram account is linked.

-When you log in with your phone number, a one-time password will be sent to you by Instagram. You can log in with this password and then define your new password. If you log in with your e-mail address or registered username, Instagram will send a link to the e-mail address you specified so that you can reset your password. When you click on this link, Instagram will direct you to the password change screen.

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