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Meta Takes Steps for the New ‘Twitter’

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Meta Takes Steps for the New 'Twitter'

Global-scale moves of social media platforms continue. The competition between the giant companies that manage these platforms, which have millions of followers around the world, is getting fiercer. Meta Company, which has popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger in its portfolio, is gaining momentum in the field of social media and communication.

Reminds me of Twitter

Meta, one of these companies that knows no limits in its innovations, focused on a new social media platform. Meta, which provides services to millions of users, recently announced that it is working on a social media platform reminiscent of Twitter. Taking action to bring a different breath to the work in this field, Meta company has rolled up its sleeves for a new text-based platform where users can convey the developments.

Images Approved

According to a news on BBC; Facebook’s Product Manager Chris Cox stated that coding work for the platform has been carried out. The company confirmed the images leaked to the press, which were stated to be a preview of the new platform. It is wondered how this initiative, whose interface is designed to resemble Twitter, will affect the relations between the two companies.

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15-06-2023 02:43:10

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