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Links to Instagram Shops Can Be Provided | Adana Stage Media

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Instagram Announces Affiliate and Shopping Feature for Content Creators!

Influencers who professionally produce content on Instagram, one of the most popular social media channels of today, will now be able to receive commission on the products sold when they recommend products with payment options. In addition, influencers will also have the opportunity to add their Instagram shops to their profiles. Here is the news prepared by Sahne Media editors…

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg heralded a new income model for people who produce content professionally on Instagram.

What is Affiliate?

According to Mark Zuckerber's statements, Instagram will enable influencers to receive commissions from products sold through their content by recommending products with Instagram payment options, thanks to the Affiliate tool.

Similar to sponsored content, there will be a text below the username that says “has the necessary conditions for commission”.

Testing of the Native Affiliate tool, which is expected to be released in the next few months, will begin in the USA. Brands including names such as Kopari and Benefit will also be part of this testing process.

It Will Now Be Possible to Link to Instagram Shops

Among the innovations announced by Zuckerberg is the ability to add Instagram shops to the profile. Moreover, we do not need to have a business account to use this feature. Personal accounts will also be able to benefit from this feature.

Supporting with Tips

Badges will be used for tipping on Instagram live broadcasts. The monetary value of these badges can vary between 99 cents and $4.99. In this way, Instagram will create a revenue model between content producers and followers. Influencers who are funded not only by their sponsors but also by their followers will be able to feel more free and independent.

Social Networks Are in a Race to Fund Influencers

Funds provided to content creators are very busy in the IT world. As of May, YouTube announced that it would pay $100 million over the next year to content creators who will use YouTube Shorts, which it designed to compete with TikTok. In this way, the company aims to attract more content creators and viewers to YouTube Shorts.

In addition, he claimed that influencers who share on Spotlight, developed by Snapchat, would be able to earn more than a million dollars a day. The fund TikTok created for this is worth 200 million dollars.

Likewise, Clubhouse has started testing a new feature that will allow people to donate directly to streamers they follow. This race of social platforms seems to make content creators happy the most.

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