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 IMSU Cut-off Mark For 2024/2025  Admission Exercise 

IMSU Cut-off Mark?

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Every Year more than 5 000 aspirant choose Imo state university (IMSU) as their first choice institution  in their Joint admission matriculation board JAMB registration.in this article we are going to discuss details about  IMSU Cut-off Mark For 2024/2025  Admission Exercise 

because of the ease of studying and the enabling environment  that the school Authority provided for their students to learn  effectively in other to come Great in the future endeavor.

In IMO state university regardless of your status, be it working class, student or business men, there is a place for you in the above prestigious  university to study your choice of course with excellent.

However, choosing Imo State University as your first choice Will not automatically grant you admission,  there prerequisites things to take into considerations and they are as follows:

Basics Requirements For Admission

  • Firstly, you must have high score above 300 in your Jamb
  • Secondly your post UTME results should be high and great too  
  • Thirdly you must as well meet up with the school agreed cut-off mark . 

Therefore  I urge every aspirant to stay focused on this website as we unveiled the cut-off mark for Imo state university 2024/2025 admission exercise many other information that might be relevant to you at this period of time.

 IMSU Cut-off Mark For 2024/2025  Admission Exercise 

what is Cut-off Mark?

A Cut-Off mark is the mark agreed by the school or university management  or body as the minimum requirements or benchmark for all student to Cross (pass) before gaining admission in to their prestigious university. 

that’s If your score is less than the agreed aggregate score recommended by the school management board you will not be given admission but if you exceeded the scores then you have chances of getting admission.

Imo State University IMSU  is among the leading University in the eastern region of Nigeria. 

the department in charge of cut-off Mark at Imo State University IMSU  have  announced the cut-off Mark to be 150 and above as the official Cut-off for the 2024/2025 academic admission exercise. however departmental cut-off marks are above 180, that is after combining  your aggregate jamb score and post UTME result. 


as we conclude on this article regarding IMSU Cut-of Mark for 2024/2025 admission exercise. All aspirant should be looking out for verify information from a verifiable website such as this in other to aid their there admission processes.  if at all there is a changes we  will update you on our platforms immediately. therefore I urge you to stay tune to ayorblog.com for more update 

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