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How to Get 2024/2025 Common Wealth Scholarship

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What is the common wealth scholarship?

The Common wealth scholarship is a scholarship sponsored by the commonwealth scholarship commission of the United kingdom and has been in commission since 1960. Every year more than 800 students across the globe are provided grants to study in the UK. Common wealth scholarship offers students a proper setup to excel in their academic as well as social and cultural endeavors. 

Common wealth scholarship are awarded to talented individuals with the potential to make a positive impact on the global stage. Common wealth scholarship are managed by the common wealth scholarship commission (csc) in the UK 

Who can apply for the common wealth scholarship

  1. Only residents of the commonwealth countries are awarded the grants 
  2. The grants are offered to students who wouldn’t have been able to support their studies financially 
  3. The scholarship scheme supports potential leaders, innovators, scholars of extraordinary merit. 

Benefits of common wealth scholarship

  1. Approved tuiton fees; no scholar pays any fees to the university
  2. Approved to and fro air fare from your hom country to the  UK 
  3. Warm clothing allowance
  4. Thesis grant wherever applied 
  5. Additional financial support for children with disability
  1.     Opportunity to learn about the culture of the United Kingdom 

Themes on which scholarships are offered 

  1.   Access, inclusion and opportunity 
  2. Science and technology for development 
  3. Promoting global prosperity 
  4. Strenghting health systems and capabilities
  5. Strenghting  global peace and governance 
  6. Strenghting resilience and response to crisis 
Required documents for common wealth scholarship 
  1. Academic transcripts 
  2. A scanned copy of your passport 
  3. University degree certificate 
  4. Admission letter 
  5. Two reference from prominent professional acquaintances, professors etc


Eligibility requirements for the common wealth scholarship 
  1. Start academic studies in the UK by September 2023. The commencement of the UK academic year.
  2. Must have a qualifying degree before the start of the UK academic session. 
  3. Application format filling all necessary information 
  4. Must be a citizen of common wealth country and also a permanent resident of a common wealth country.
  5. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with an honors standard for a enrollment in masters degree courses.

If you are from a common wealth country and believe you can make a difference in the world but can’t afford it, then you could be the ideal candidate for the common wealth scholarship. Make sure to meet the eligibility requirements for the common wealth scholarship as stated above.

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