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How to easily access Zenith Bank  Loan Online

Zenith Bank  Loan

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How to easily access Zenith Bank  Loan Online

Zenith bank is one of the leading banks in the country, they also provide loan services to their customers. In today’s world, we sometimes find ourselves in financial needs where by we do not have anyone to borrow from. In situations like this, Zenith bank provides a fall back position to get the loan you need. 

Therefore in article we will provides you with adequate information on  How to easily access Zenith Bank  Loan Online  and other beneficiary that  Zenith bank provides loans for example are businesses men, student for  education and other personal needs of some people.

An Overview of Zenith Bank

Zenith bank began operations as a commercial bank in the year 1990. Zenith bank has over 500 branches across the nation and its headquarters located in Lagos Nigeria. It is worthy of note that zenith bank is one of the leading banks in the country. The bank has won several awards and achievements in the country. 

Requirements for obtaining a loan from Zenith Bank

Below are the requirements for obtaining a loan in Zenith bank.

  • The first step is to have an account with Zenith bank: in order to get a loan from zenith bank, you need to open an account with zenith bank, as the bank only gives out loan to their customers. 
  • Your statement of creditworthiness: this helps the bank determine if you are qualified for the loan you are applying for.
  • Your personal information: this is the most basic requirement for your transaction to be complete, informations like your name, phone number and other basic needs are required for your loan to be processed
  • Study the loan options, like their requirements, duration and specification. 
  • Choose the one that best suits you and proceed to apply. 

Loans available in Zenith bank

  • MSME Loans: the MSME loans offers customers a loan amount of up to 2million Naira with an interest rate of 9% per annum. This loan can span for up to a year. The MSME loan is mainly for small and medium businesses seeking for this type of loan to grow and expand.
  • Syndicated loans: Zenith bank Creative industry financing initiative: this loan was created for the purpose of creating jobs in the country for the youths. Zenith bank in collaboration with Central bank created the Creative Industry Financing Initiative. 
  • Overdraft: This is a credit system that allows customers with current account to borrow an amount of money that is more than what is available in the customers account. 
  • Lease : This is a loan scheme in Zenith bank that offers customers loans to purchase needed assets and other necessary equipment. 
  • Education Loan: This loan offers customers a loan amount ranging from  100,000 to 5,000,000 Naira to help fund tuition fees. This loan spans for up to three months for the junior level and nine months for the tertiary level. 
  • Vehicle financing: this is a loan service provided by Zenith bank to assists customers purchase new and comfortable cars. This ia a great loan service that covers the delivery of the car for free anywhere within the country, free servicing for three years, free registration and insurance for up to  5 years.
  • Syndicate loans: is a loan service whereby Zenith bank provides businesses with large and long term loans. 
  • Z-women Business package (SME loans): this loan service provided by Zenith bank is mainly for female business owners. Female entrepreneurs can borrow from 5,000,000-10,000,000 Naira with an interest rate of as low as 9% per annum. 
  • Import finance facility: This is a loan scheme that assists  business owners import goods and services.
  • Export finance facility: Export finance facility assists Zenith bank customers who are into exportation by lending them a specific amount required to carry out the exportation of their goods and services. 

General business lending criteria From Zenith bank

  • You must be an active customer
  • h\customers must be into trade for a period of 1-3 years
  • Customers must have a business account 
  • Customers must have registered their businesses with the Corporate Affairs Commission

Zenith bank provides an amazing loan scheme to customers. With a very low interest rate,  zenith bank is the bank you should be looking out for if you are looking for how to get a loan and which bank to go for. 

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