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How to apply for PTDF 2024 Scholarship

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How to apply for PTDF 2024 Scholarship

what  is PTDF Scholarship ?

How to apply for PTDF 2024 Scholarship : PTDF scholarship stand for Petroleum Technology Development Fund  and  is a federal Government agency with the mandate of developing indigenous human capacity to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. The PTDF scheme was developed to offer candidates the opportunity to benefit from diversified pool of knowledge and the facilities offered by world class institutions across the globe.

This scholarship covers flight tickets, tuition fees, health insurance, bench fees and living expenses.the candidate do not have to boarder for anything regarding his/her academics, every thing will be provided by the so called organization because there is  a yearly budget for it.  

Benefits of the PTDF Scholarship 

  1. Annual research grant
  2. Monthly stipends 
  3. Full tuition fees 
  4. Opportunity to attend international conferences and work shop

Basics  Requirements for the PTDF Scholarship Application 

  1. Process a valid international passport 
  2. Must be a Nigerian citizen 
  3. Must have a first degree with at least second class upper division in a relevant discipline from a reputable university.
  4. The scholarship is only open to fresh graduates and those who have completed their NYSC
  5. Must be between the ages of 21 and 30 you old
  6. Must have not participated previously in any PTDF Scholarship program 
  7. Must meet the requirements of their chosen field 
  8. Have gained admission to pursue a full time Msc or PhD degree program at an institution under PTDF’s strategic partnership initiative.

Candidates will be selected based on the following:

  1. Leadership skills 
  2. Academic performance
General selection criteria 
  1. Relevance and viability of study/research plan
  2. Alignment of previous study with oil and gas industry 
  3. Academic merit including degrees, transcripts and professional qualifications 
  4. Publication (PhD applicants only) and membership in professional bodies 
How to prepare for the PTDF Scholarship program 2024 interview 

The PTDF Scholarship interview is an opportunity for candidates to prove to the panel that they are the right candidate for the program.

  1. Do your research: before the scholarship interview, it is a great idea to do your research, take some time to research the organization and familiarize your self with their work. This will show the panel that you are genuinely interested in the program and it will help you answer questions confidently.

2.Prepare Questions: make sure to have a few questions on your own to ask the panel. This will give you an opportunity and also show that you are interested and engaged.


The PTDF Scholarship is a gateway to advanced knowledge and expertise in the oil and gas industry. If you meet the criteria and are driven by the ambition to contribute to the oil and gas industry, then do well to seize this opportunity.


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