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How to Apply for Bank of Industry (BOI) 2024 Recruitment

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Bank of Industry (BOI)

How to Apply for Bank of Industry (BOI) 2024 Recruitment

Bank of Industry Jobs Recruitment -If you want to apply for a job at the Bank of Industry job but is not sure about how to go about it, then read on because in this article, we will discussed   in details  everything you need to know about  bank of industry recruitment 2024 jobs.  

The Bank of Industry (BOI)  

Bank of Industry (BOI) is Nigeria’s biggest and oldest Development Finance Institution (DFI) established in the year 1959. The Bank is owned by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) (5.19%), Private shareholders (0.01%) and the Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOFI). Since its establishment, the Bank of Industry has been the driving force behind Nigeria’s industrial growth. 

Asides providing loans, the Bank of Industry also provides important business support that helps business owners move through the journey of starting up a business and growing it. It also offers a wide range of financial and advisory services. 

It is worthy of note that the bank of industry has supported over 4,000,000 enterprises in Nigeria and has created over 9 million jobs in the country. 

Benefits of the Bank Of Industry (BOI) 

  1. Generous loan tenor: the bank of industry gives business owners/ entrepreneurs long period of time to pay back loans. Their payment schedule is extended compared to other banks. 
  2. Innovative financing solutions: Bank of Industry’s loans and funds are sector specific and made to the unique needs of small and medium enterprises. 
  3. Single digit interest loan: Bank of Industry provides favorable loan terms to customers.  
  4. Advisory to business and support: Asides financial support, Bank of Industry provides advisory support to businesses.  

Eligibility Recruitment Requirements for Jobs at The Bank of Industry (BOI) 

Below are the recruitment eligibility requirements for jobs at the Bank of Industry: 

  1. Interested candidates must be between the ages of 18-35 years of age.
  2. Interested candidates must be computer literate and must also be familiar with important software applications. 
  3. Interested candidates must be good citizens of Nigeria who are willing to impact the nation positively.
  4. Interested candidates must possess a B.Sc. or HND from reputable institutions. 

How to Apply for Jobs At The Bank of Industry (BOI)

Below are the steps to follow in other to apply for jobs at the Bank of Industry: 

  1. The first step is to visit the official website of the Bank of Industry: https://www.boi.ng/
  2. The next step is to browse the career page and find the roles that matches your skills and qualifications.
  3. Lastly after finding a job that best suits you, you can then go ahead and apply. 

Jobs Available For The Bank of Industry 2024 Recruitment

  1. Finance/ Accounting Officer
  2. Administrative/ Procurement Officer
  3. Marketing and Communication Officer
  4. Information Technology/ Client Relation Management System (IT/CRM) Officer
  5. Project officer
  6. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer

Major Roles of Bank of Industry (BOI) 

Below are the major roles/ duties of the Bank of Industry (BOI): 

  1. Nurturing Economic Growth: The Bank of Industry helps businesses in the country grow and become sustainable by offering pre-loan assistance and business development services. 
  2. Financing: One of the major roles of The Bank of Industry is that it offers loans equipment financing that helps expand and establish businesses of all sizes from small to big businesses. 
  3. Strengthening Existing Businesses: The Bank of Industry also assists enterprises/ businesses financially in other to help these businesses modernize, diversify and rehabilitate established companies, increasing their competitiveness.  
Branches in Nigeria of the Bank of Industry

Here is a list of states where the Nigerian Bank of Industry (BOI) is located in the country: 

  1. Enugu state 
  2. Delta state
  3. Kebbi state 
  4. Kano state 
  5. Katsina state
  6. Ogun state 
  7. Ondo state 
  8. Gombe state 
  9. Lagos state
  10. Niger state
  11. Kaduna state 
  12. Osun state 
  13. Kwara state  
  14. Sokoto state 
  15. Taraba state 
  16. Rivers state
  17. Benue state 
  18. Abuja 
  19. Borno state 
  20. Bauchi state 
  21. Cross river state 
  22. Oyo state 
  23. Abia state 
  24. Anambra state


In other to be eligible for employment in the Bank of Industry, there are some general requirements interested applicants must meet which have been listed above, we also looked at how to apply for jobs at the Bank of Industry, its benefits as well as jobs available in the bank. We hope that you have found this article helpful. 

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