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How to Apply for ABNL Limited Recruitment Job

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How to Apply for ABNL Limited Recruitment Job

How to Apply for ABNL Limited Recruitment Job

ABNL Limited Recruitment Job: If you are wish to apply for jobs at ABNL but is not sure about how to go about it, then read on be cause in this article we will be talking about how to apply for jobs at ABNL and the jobs available at ABNL. 

About ABNL  Limited Recruitment Job

ABNL was incorporated as an oil and gas servicing company in the year 1992, the company was incorporated with a vision to provide professional engineering and technical services to the oil and gas exploration and production companies in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. 

ABNL specializes in making available cost-effective engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication/construction, commissioning and operation of onshore/offshore oil and gas production facilities, refinery, and petrochemical process equipment package solution. 

Functions of ABNL in Nigeria

  • Manpower supply services: ABNL helps to source and recruit the most qualified individuals in all fields of engineering and office support administration both locally and internationally. 
  • Procurement services: ABNL can work with any project team across the globe and delivered targeted procurement services. 
  • Environmental services:  The company ABNL is totally committed to conservation of the environment.
  • Engineering/ project management services:  ABNL engineering services provides great efficiency, productivity and accuracy. 
  • Maintenance/ operation of oil and gas facilities: ABNL operates and maintains oil and gas production facilities of the country. 
  • Construction/Fabrication: ABNL fabricates individual components and the company also does trial fit and match mark large assemblies. 

Jobs Available at ABNL

Here is a list of jobs available at ABNL: 

  1. Construction site lead III at ABNL limited: the main functions for this job includes: completion of construction activities in accordance with project objectives, priorities and contract specifications. 
  2. Drill team quality representative coordinator III -Engineering: the location for this job at ABNL is Onne, Rivers state. The job functions includes: applicants must ensure DTQRs are oriented to the drilling quality management system and have the necessary tools and support needed to achieve drill team objectives. Applicants must also be able to provide functional guidance to and coordinate drill team quality representative (DTQR) network activities. 
  3. System completion engineer/ specialist III – projects (Tech): this job in ABNL is located in Lagos State Nigeria, and main functions for this job includes: applicants must be accountable for the engineering activity covering planning, program generation and execution of completion operations within the wells team. 
  4. Electrical maintenance technician I at ABNL Limited: the main functions of this job is to support field electrical maintenance work and electrical isolation. 
  5. Finance accountant III at ABNL limited: the major functions of this job includes: applicants must be able to analyse business to enable expense, headcount and volumetric targets to be achieved and maintained. Applicants must also be able to provide key business information.
  6. Database administrator I – information technology I at ABNL limited: applicants who wish to apply for this job must be able to use structure query language to design, program, maintain, integrate and secure databases. Applicants must also be able to ensure that systems are running efficiently. 
  7. Project turnaround advisor III at ABNL: interested applicants must have an understanding of safety, health, and environmental requirements. 
  8. Geomantic – registered surveyor at ABNL: interested candidates must posses a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, humanities and engineering with a minimum of 5 years experience. 
  9. HSE officer at ABNL limited: interested applicants must posses a B.Sc., OND, HND, or master’s degree with at least 5 years experience. HSE certified health and safety experience is the requirement. 
  10. Contracts administrator III at ABNL limited: interested applicants must ensure contractors work in accordance with contract terms and conditions. Applicants must also ensure that orders that support contract services for production work are placed at the right time.

How to apply for ABNL jobs

Applying for jobs at ABNL is simple all you have to do is send your CV to: jobs@abnl.net using the job title as the subject of the mail. Please note that cv must be in MS word format. 


We hope that you have found this article helpful.


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