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How to Apply for 2024 MTN Scholarship For Undergraduate 

2024 MTN Scholarship Program

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How to Apply for 2024 MTN Scholarship For Undergraduate 

How to Apply for 2024 MTN Scholarship For Undergraduate

In the year 2010, the MTN foundation established the MTN Scholarship program. This scholarship program is an annual award that recognizes and rewards high performing students in Nigerian public tertiary institution to enable some student serious about their careers  and the reward attached to hard working. therefore in this article we will be discussing how to apply for 2024 mtn scholarship for undergraduate and others. 

Every year, the MTN foundation offers a 300,000 reward to Undergraduate Nigerian students in universities, Polytechnics and colleges of education.

This scholarship provides financial assistance to students helping them focus on their education and achieve their goals. This scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation and other academic expenses.

Types of MTN Scholarship students can apply for 

There are 3 main types of MTN Scholarship that students can apply for which are listed below:

  1. MTN Scholarship For blind students: Every year, 100 high achieving visually impaired students will get 300,000 scholarship each year until graduation if grades requirements are met. This scholarship program began in 2012 for visually impaired students in 200 and 300 level programs enrolled in Nigerian Public Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of education.
  2. MTN science and technology scholarship: This scholarship program was established in 2010 and it supports 300 level students in Nigerian Public tertiary institution who are pursuing science and technology related fields.

300 students are awarded scholarships until graduation upon meeting grade requirements. The annual amount was formally 200,000 but starting in 2024, the amount was increased to 300,000.

  1. Top 10 UTME scholarship: The top 10 UTME scoring candidates as announced by JAMB automatically qualify for the top 10 UTME Scholarship. The candidates are awarded scholarships from their 100 level through to their graduation upon meeting grade requirements and students will be given an annual award amount of 300,000 each.

Basics Requirements for the Application 

The application form for the MTN foundation Scholarship is currently available and open to interested students. On Friday 17th May 2024, MTN announced that the portal is now open for interested Undergraduate and post graduate students. 

Below are the steps Undergraduate students can follow to apply online and complete the process.

  1. Blind students with a minimum CCPA of 2.5 or it’s equivalent and also who are in their Second and third years are eligible.
  2. Applicants must be Nigerian students proficient in English language 
  3. Second class upper higher national diploma ( HND) students with a minimum of GPA of 3.0 during their ordinary national diploma (ond) can apply.
  4. Third year students from public tertiary institution with a CGPA of 3.5 or it’s equivalent are eligible.
  5. Existing students must maintain a minimum of 3.5 CGPA or equivalent to renew their scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements for the Application 

  1. Institution of study
  2. Course of study 
  3. Level of study 
  4. Cumulative grade point average 

Deadline for the MTN Scholarship 

The deadline for the 2024 MTN Scholarship is 12th June, 2024.

It is advised that students should Make sure that their application is completed before this date.

How to apply for the MTN Scholarship 2024/2025

  1. Visit the MTN website via www.apps.mtn.ng/scholarship/form to access the scholarship portal.
  2. Locate the scholarship form publication and follow the instructions provided on the portal to complete your application.
  3. After completion, print your scholarship registration slip and await Feedback.

The MTN Undergraduate scholarship provides students with a great opportunity to pursue their academic aspiration in Nigeria or abroad without financial burden.

The guidelines stated above will direct you on how to apply.


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