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Good news for those who love sending WhatsApp Voice Messages!

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Voice Messages Can Be Converted to Text on WhatsApp iOS

We are finally getting the long-awaited feature on WhatsApp. Thanks to this feature, which will especially make WhatsApp users who like to send voice messages very happy, we will now be able to convert voice messages into text format whenever we want.

Until a few years ago, there were people who made money by deciphering voice recordings and even did it as a profession. Now it is much easier to do this… The details of the news prepared for you by Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in the digital world, are as follows…

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application that was sentenced to pay a fine of 225 million Euros in recent weeks for violating the laws regarding the privacy of personal data in European countries, continues to constantly update itself to provide better service to its users. It is preparing to activate a feature that users have been waiting for a long time for the WhatsApp application on iOS devices.

With this news revealed by WABetaInfo, it became clear that WhatsApp was working on a new voice message transcription that would be made entirely on individual users’ devices. So, we have received good news about the privacy of personal data, which is one of the most important agenda items of recent days. Because this news also means that Facebook and WhatsApp will not be able to access the content of the messages. WABetaInfo emphasizes that this application will be completely optional and optional, and also predicts that it will contribute to the development of Apple’s speech technology.

After voice message transcription is activated, users will receive a notification saying “WhatsApp wants to access speech recognition.” Users who confirm this will then be able to convert voice messages to text.

The feature, which is still under development, cannot be experienced even by WhatsApp’s beta test users. It remains unknown when the feature will be activated for iOS devices and whether it will be available for Android operating system users in the future. In order not to fall behind the day and to be aware of what is happening in the digital world, your closest solution partner in Web Design, Social Media Ads and SEO is Sahne Medya. blog page You can continue to follow.

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