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‘GIF Send’ Improvement from WhatsApp | Adana Stage Media

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'GIF Send' Improvement from WhatsApp

It has cross-platform operation on smartphones; WhatsApp, the free instant messaging, calling and communication application, is being renewed every day. The latest exciting application is about the GIF post…

You will be able to see the content

You will be able to watch the GIF post when you first preview it in the new application of WhatsApp, which has millions of users around the world. After this step, the GIF tag that requires clicking comes back.

Full Note from Users

Previously, GIF format files shared on WhatsApp were only played when clicked on them. At the same time, as a user preview, it did not matter what the file contained. This change, which took place with the beta version, received full marks from the users who experienced a different experience.

Posts Will Autoplay

With this improvement of WhatsApp, the user will experience the convenience of automatically viewing the GIF message he receives without clicking. Once this file reaches the chat, its entire content will be played. In the final stage of the application, a GIF tag will be created on the fixed image.

Stage Media

Stage Media

31-01-2024 16:12:21

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