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Easy Accessible Loan Companies in the USA

All About USA Loans

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All About USA Loans

In today’s fast paced world, the benefit of having access to loan especially when one is faced with financial difficulties can not be over emphasized. Loans provides quick access to funds for emergencies and they are also the go-to financial options to meet your goals.

Loans also help improve credit record when repaid on time. Various countries around the world have different companies that give loans in their country. If you are looking for a list of loan companies in the USA, look no further because in this article we will make a list of some of the loan companies in the USA.

Loan Companies in the USA

  1. VestEdu: VestEdu: is an alumni lending platform that funds college education for students who are in need of financial assistance. This loan opportunity is offered to international students who just graduated with degrees in MBA, MS finance, MS in Stem from top universities in the United States of America.VestEdu was founded in the year 2016, in Fremont United States of America.
  2. Jubilee Capital Funding: Jubilee Capital Funding is a company in the USA that provides loans to interested investors, companies, and individuals who need financial assistance. The company was founded in Rochester, United States in the year 1999.
  3. Loanable.io: this company is a friends and family lending platform, that helps you create friends and family loans online and repay them easily without auto draft. Instead of paying high interest rates to banks, you get access to a less expensive loan and your friends and family can earn the interest. Loanable was established in the year 2017 in Durham, United States.
  4. 4. Community Capital Technology Inc: Community Capital Technology Inc is a loan company in the New York City, USA and established in the year 2018. This is a digital loan trading exchange platform that provides Financial institutions and other credit investors an easy, transparent and more cost efficient way to buy, sell loans of any type. 
  5. 5. Camino Financial: this company was established in the year 2014 in Los Angeles, USA. This company specializes in creating loans available for Hispanic Business owners who can not get a loan from a bank. Camino Financial don’t just give loans to customers, they also provide credit monitoring and advise to ensure clients improve their Business credit to qualify for a bank loan.Camino Financial helps Hispanic owned businesses access capital.
  1. 6. Finding U: this is loan company for career focused college students. Funding U loans spans from 7 to 10 years with interest rates ranging from 8% to 12%. Students can pay $1 per day while in school while full payment starts 6 months after graduation. The company was founded in the year 2015 in Atlanta United States.
  2. 7. Sparrow Lending Inc: Sparrow Lending Inc is a company in the USA that allows borrowers compare multiple loan offers through a single application. The company was founded in New York City USA, in the year 2020.
  3. Loan snap: loan snap was established in the year 2018, in San Francisco, with the aim of improving every American finances. The company created the world’s first smart loan technology that uses AI and machine learning to analyze a person’s financial picture and show them how to benefit with a smart home loan.
  4. 9. Sturdy Finance: this is a loan company that provides users with interest free borrowing. It was established in the year 2020, in Menlo Park, USA. 
  5. 10. Mpower: Mpower provides loans for students left out of traditional financing options, the company was established to assist both local and international students who struggled financially to get in and out of college. Mpower was founded in Washington DC in the year 2014.
  6. 11. Lendio.com: was established in the year 2011 in Lehi USA. Lendio is America’s largest small Business loan market place. The company helps small business owners looking for Capital to start, operate and grow their businesses.
  7. Petal Card: petal Card is a loan company in the USA, not only do they offer loans, they also use modern technology to help people avoid debt, build credit, and spend responsibly. 
  8. soFi: this is a loan company that offers fast funding, a wide range of loan amount and terms, they also offer clients free financial advice. Sofi is a great loan company in the USA that offers clients multiple discount rates and no required fees. 
  9. 14. Happy money: is a loan company in the USA that offers client loan amounts ranging from 5,000 dollars to 40,000 dollars. Its interest rate spans from 11.72-17.99%. Happy money was founded in the year 2009 in Torrance, USA. Happy money also helps borrowers become savers. 
  10. Light Stream: offers customers loan amounts between $5,000- $100,000 with interest rates ranging from 6.99% to 25.49%. This loan company is best used by individuals who wish to improve their home.   


Loans are a great way to get out of any financial difficulty. Different countries have different loan companies.  In this article, we have listed some of the loan companies in the United States Of America. 


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