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Do not click on links from Instagram! | Adana Stage Media

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Pay Attention to the Link from Instagram!

Don't Click!

Many people had their accounts stolen due to the links sent to users through the fake support account of Instagram, which has one of the largest user bases among social media applications. Users who click on the link instantly lose their accounts, and their followers are also deceived with the shared receipts. Instagram users are wondering how they can be protected from these cyber attacks, and all eyes are on Cyber ​​Security experts. The editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in the digital world, have prepared it for you.

Messages with the content “Violation of community rules or copyrights” began to be sent to people through the fake Instagram support account. Unfortunately, people's social media accounts are stolen if they click on the link in the message. More people are becoming victims of this fraud by sharing fake receipts showing that money is deposited to a coin company through the stolen account and four to five times the profit is obtained. People are eagerly waiting for the advice of Cyber ​​Security experts on the subject.

Fraudsters identify people's weaknesses based on their personalities and try to take advantage of everyone's weaknesses. While they intimidate some people with criminal proceedings, they exploit some people's desire for profit and others' helpfulness. They intimidate people with fake penalties, raise their hopes with fake promises of income, and exploit their goodwill with fake aid campaigns.

From a legal perspective, this act falls within the scope of theft because it is a crime against a person's property, and since information systems are used, this crime becomes qualified.

The penalty for cyber fraud activities can vary between 1 year and 6 years. In order to combat such fraud, banks constantly develop security systems and reach out to their customers and obtain approval for risky transactions.

The first advice of experts is that you should not trust those who contact you using the name and logo of official institutions on social media. Because these institutions do not prefer social media channels to reach you.

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