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2024 available NGO Scholarships in Nigeria

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2024 available NGO Scholarships in Nigeria

NGO scholarships are a wide range of scholarships that are provided by different Non-Governmental organizations in Nigeria. These scholarships are financed by the state and central government of Nigeria. In the country today, a lot of students are faced with financial difficulties in accessing quality education.

As a result of this, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) have created a lot of scholarship opportunities to qualified students to pursue their academic goals and aspirations. With the NGO scholarships, students can go for their Masters degree, Bachelors Degree, or PhD degrees at no cost. 

As a result of the economic situation of the country, scholarships are of tremendous importance to the Nigerian students. These scholarships are provided to students in the best universities in the country and they are offered for almost all academic fields.

Are you a Nigerian student who wishes to pursue your academic aspirations abroad but lack the financial means? Then it is greatly advised that you apply for the 2024/2025 NGO Scholarship opportunity in Nigeria.  If you are worried about how to go about it,  do not  worry because in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the NGO scholarship, the various types and the necessary requirements to apply for these scholarships. 

List of NGO Scholarships In Nigeria 2024/2025

  • MTN Foundation 2024 Scholarship Program: The MTN Scholarship provides a yearly platform for rewarding high performing students across the country. This scholarship is open for undergraduate students studying science and technology related courses. For eligibility requirements, visit this link: MTN Foundation Scholarships. 
  • PTDF Scholarship: This Scholarship is open to Nigerian students who are pursuing their Master’s, Doctoral and undergraduate degrees in oil and gas related fields. The link is PTDF scholarships.
  • David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship: the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship is open to students of Covenant University or Landmark university. For more information visit the link David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship. 
  • Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship: this scholarship is open to students from developing countries, like Nigeria who perform well academically but do not have the financial means. Link: Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships. 
  • Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) Scholarships: this scholarship is basically for gifted Nigerian students in Nigerian Tertiary institutions. The link is NNMA Scholarships.
  • Nigerian Women Association Of Georgia(NWAG) scholarship: This scholarship is strictly for female students in their first year in Nigerian University . The link is NWAG Scholarships
  • NNPC/Total Scholarships: This scholarship is open to undergraduate students in various fields of study. The Link for this scholarship is NNPC/Total Scholarships. 
  • Agbami Medical and Engineering Professional Scholarships: this scholarship is for students studying medicine and engineering. The link for this scholarship is: Agbami scholarships
  • Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship: the Jim Ovia scholarship is open to students who perform very high academically. The link for this scholarship is Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship. 
  • Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program: this scholarship is for students from marginalized countries like Nigeria, pursuing post graduate studies. The link is Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program. 


Tips For Getting an NGO Scholarship

  • Begin early: in other to acquire a scholarship program, it is of great importance to start your preparations on time as securing a scholarship can take time. Starting early helps you prepare adequately. 
  • Prepare a strong application : while pursing a scholarship program, it is important that applicants have a very good application as this can help you stand out from thousands of other applicants. In this application, it is advised that you state your achievements, goals and why you deserve the scholarship.  
  • Know the requirements: as an applicants, it is good to do your research and know the requirement of the scholarship you are applying for. 

Required Documents For NGO Scholarships

Below are documents required for the NGO Scholarships.

  • Completed application form: this is the first step which requires the student to fill out the application form 
  • Proof of Nigerian Citizenship: applicants are to provide a copy of birth certificate, Nigerian passport, or National ID card.
  • Curriculum Vitae(CV): applicants must provide their CV giving a highlighting important information about oneself. 
  • Admission letter: it is important to include an admission letter from a reputable university
  • Academic transcripts: it is important to submit your academic transcripts from secondary school or previous university.
  • Proof of Enrollment: you must also submit a proof that you are enrolled in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution
  • Personal statement or essay: this is a personal statement or essay written by applicants explaining their goals, career aspirations and why they need the scholarship. 
  • Letter of recommendation: provide letters from teachers, professors or any other professional who can attest to your academic abilities. 
  • Passport photograph
  • Financial documentation: this includes bank statement or income certificate.  These documents are needed by some scholarship programs. 


NGO Scholarships in Nigeria not only provide financial assistance to students, they also contribute to development of skilled professionals who can make positive impact in the society. 



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